Free Jewelry Business Training

Are you an artist who has tried to sell your work?  Have you ever wondered about the difference between successful artists and those who are struggling to make a sale? I too have been struggled with these issues, but have gained confidence from The Flourish and Thrive … [Read more...]

Kumihimo Wire Jewelry with Giovanna Imperia


Back to blogging at last after frozen shoulder rehab!  The class I just completed in wire Kumihimo is only one of several that I've attended in the last little while.  For the longest time I have been excited by the use of wire in bobbin lace, and my North Suburban … [Read more...]

Adventures in Stonesetting

Rhyolite cabochon pendant

When winter stonesetting class ended at Lill Street Art Center, I was glad to get in some studio time where I was able to finish off some projects.  I made two pendants on handmade sterling chains among others.  The process for my cabochon setting is as follows:  Pick out … [Read more...]